Build Your Brand With Hydrox

Private Label with a Company You Trust

We embrace the growing trend in private label brands and welcome the opportunity to provide our products in your brands. Just as we’ve done for numerous fortune 500 companies, we will work with your team in building brand strategies and line extensions to help promote increased revenue over time. With a wide range of healthcare, retail and beauty products available for private label, Hydrox specializes in liquid packaging of all sizes in the areas of:

  • Personal Care
  • Bath and Body Care
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Baby Care
  • First Aid Antiseptics
  • Disinfectants
  • Surgical Instrument Care (Find out more)

Choose from a wide array of bottles and closures to meet your needs.

Bottle and Closure Options

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Contract Packaging That is Customized for You

Hydrox Laboratories offers custom chemical blending and formulation to meet your proprietary specifications. Our expert staff of onsite chemists is able to match your existing formulation specs or can make improvements in the formulations to accommodate your needs. In addition, we have the expertise to use reverse formula engineering to meet or exceed your competition’s products. If you are looking to expand your product line with new formulations, the Hydrox product development team can help with that too. As an innovator of products such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol-free mouthwash and disinfecting gels, Hydrox has the R&D expertise to bring your vision to reality. And our packaging and container sourcing will create the exact look you want for your brand. We look forward to partnering with your team to provide superior customized products and service.

All the following NAICS codes apply to Hydrox Laboratories:

325620 – Toilet Preparation Manufacturing (Primary)
325188 – All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
325412 – Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing
325199 – All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing
325193 – Ethyl Alcohol Manufacturing
325998 – Distilled Water, Demineralized, and Purified