The SAFhandle reusable scalpel combines safety round-tip blades and reusable handles to offer protection during use along with enhanced performance. They are the exact shape, dimensions, weight, grip and balance of conventional scalpels; and have a ‘no-touch’ blade removal safety feature in compliance with OSHA and CDC requirements. Diamantine™ SAFhandle high performance safety scalpel blades meet the challenges of the most demanding surgical procedures and lead the industry in bringing scalpel blade technology into the 21st century. The SAFhandle reusable safety scalpel system will meet the needs of your surgeons and healthcare workers while complying with regulatory requirements.

SAFhandle is distributed by Hydrox in the U.S. To learn more about SAFhandle’s features and benefits, click here.

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Razormed Conventional Scalpels and Blades

Razormed’s surgical scalpels and blades have been in the marketplace as Surgeon-brand and private label brands for 35 years. During the past decade, these high quality products are widely used in U.S. operating rooms. Find out more.

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